The Warrior’s Path is designed to empower veterans and their families as they pursue a future tailored to their individual experiences, skill sets, and dreams.


Who we serve

-Veterans who are in danger of becoming homeless, are currently homeless, or those who are exiting homelessness.

-Veterans who are being released from incarceration

-Vets who have recently completed a VA or community program to address substance abuse or mental health issues.

-Spouses and others who love and support a struggling veteran.

How is warrior's path different from other services offered?

First, it puts the veteran, and their spouse or loved ones, in the driver’s seat.  Every participant in the program designs and follows a path of their own design, and Every Third Saturday provides the support, resources, and accountability.

Second, spouses and loved ones are not only included in the program, but can participate on their own individual path. So often, spouses and loved ones have a minimal role in the veteran’s treatment and suffer in their own way. Caring for a veteran who is struggling can be just as tough as being a veteran who is struggling, and our program wants to pay the proper care and attention to them as well.


The 3 truths

-Veterans in Minnesota are struggling greatly with invisible wounds incurred in military service.

-Invisible wounds are the root cause of homelessness, substance abuse, a skyrocketing veteran divorce rate, and an epidemic of veteran suicides.

-The VA is effective in treating clinically diagnosable conditions, but needs community support in addressing less tangible issues such as loss of hope, isolation, and a lack of connectivity among veterans and their families.

“It’s not that you lose your ability to tell right from wrong, but things don’t seem so clear any more. For me, it’s whether or not what I did, did any good.”

— Unknown



•Our faith is an important part of what we do at Every Third Saturday, and is often a vital component to healing and post traumatic growth.

•Participants are encouraged to explore and pursue spiritual health as part of their process towards a better future.