Since 2007, Every Third Saturday has sought to meet the needs of Veterans in all walks of life. What is now a full service operation started simply as an outreach on the streets of Minneapolis.


What began as a fortuitous meeting with the Marrier family at a small Wisconsin church soon became a large scale supply and collections operation. The Marrier's, through their non-profit organization The Hands Foundation, had already begun to collect and distribute quilts and winter items for those in need. Having heard about the staggering numbers of Homeless Veterans in the U.S., they had begun searching out ways to help. Then came the fateful meeting between Deb Marrier and Jessi McKenna and the rest is history. That meeting, and everything that has happened since, can only be described as miraculous.

When we saw the numbers (of homeless Veterans in the U.S.) there was simply nothing else we could do but get involved and we could not have gotten involved with a better organization than Every Third Saturday.
— Deb Marrier, The Hands Foundation

The Numbers



Items that have been handed out to the homeless and struggling Veterans.



Homemade quilts made, collected, and handed out to Veterans.